Things to Do in New York

Things to Do in New York

The list of things to do in New York is endless with the rich history, prominent landmarks, world-class museums and theaters, and the beautiful skyline. No matter whether you are visiting New York City for the first time or you are a regular visitor, the city will surprise you every time with its remarkable activities. Besides visiting the towering skyscrapers and monuments, you will be blasted with different arts, food, fashion, and nightlife scenes to explore.

Among the top things to do in New York City, the best activity is to spend your beautiful morning searching through the designer racks of Fifth Avenue. You can spend your afternoon applauding the gorgeous views of the city from the One World Observatory, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, or the helicopter seat.

There are numerous activities to do in New York for every interest group. If you are an art lover, you can soak in the beauty of the art collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and the Frick Collection. On the other hand, if you love live performances, you can attend an award-winning Broadway show or something new in the off-Broadway Theater. Your trip to New York City will remain incomplete without visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island or taking a walk along Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is one of the best things to do in New York as you get a chance to admire its remarkable beauty closely. The copper Statue of Liberty leaves every visitor awe-inspiring with its metal framework and tabula ansata that she held in her hand. From the Statue of Liberty, you can go on a round-trip excursion to Ellis Island and take a tour of the amazing artifacts belonging to America’s history in the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

Take a Stroll at Central Park

After enjoying the busy street walks, taking a stroll at Central Park is one of the most remarkable things to do in New York to relax your senses. You can also take a bike or cycle and complete a lap or two across the entire park. If you are visiting the park for the first time, you must participate in the horse or carriage ride. Visitors can even soak up the sun on the Great Lawn or visit the Central Park Zoo.

Visit The Empire State Building

Your trip to New York will remain incomplete if you do not pay a visit to The Empire State Building. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world and is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. It is astonishing to know that this building has been featured in several movies, including Sleepless in Seattle, An Affair to Remember, and Superman III. After visiting the attraction, you not only get mesmerizing views of the city but also a chance to visit one of the most famous buildings in the world.

Check Out Rockefeller Center

Since Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 Art Deco buildings, admiring the beauty of the attraction is yet another great activity to do in New York. Situated between Fifth and Sixth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, it was the commissioned work of the Rockefeller family. On your visit to the attraction, you get an opportunity to see Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Plaza, the Atlas, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and Prometheus statues, and the Today Show Studios. Each of these highlights of Rockefeller Center will definitely make your day in New York City memorable.

Visit Fifth Avenue

If you consider yourself to be a shopaholic, Fifth Avenue is your answer to what to do in New York. Commencing from Washington Square Park to Harlem, it is one of the most luxurious shopping streets in the world. Every place in the avenue has a different name that states the pleasantries of the area. You can take a walk to “Millionaire’s Row”, which houses numerous mansions from the early 20th century or go to “Museum Mile” to discover museums. You will find several notable buildings of New York in this area, including St. Regis New York and the Rockefeller Center.

Admire St. Patrick Cathedral

People who are fond of religious buildings should pay a visit to St. Patrick Cathedral in New York. It is a famous Catholic cathedral, the construction of which took about 20 years to complete. You will be astonished to know that this church has acquired a name on the National Register of Historic Places. On your visit to the cathedral, you can admire the beauty of the St. Patrick Cathedral from the outside, take a detailed tour from the inside out, or attend the mass gathering.

Enjoy at Metropolitan Museum of Arts

Exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Arts tops the list of things to do in New York City for art lovers due to the collection of its world-class exhibits. You can explore the permanent collection of two million artworks from ancient Africa, Egypt, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania. Apart from this, you will even encounter the different art exhibits that keep on changing throughout the year. To see medieval art, you can move towards the Met Cloisters that display works donated by John D. Rockefeller.

Check Out The Frick Collection

Another mesmerizing activity to do for art lovers in New York is checking out The Frick Collection for its great collection. In this collection, you will witness renowned artworks by notable artists, like Renoir, Rembrandt, and Vermeer. Founded by Henry Clay Frick in 1935, the museum showcases a permanent collection of European art dating back to the time between Renaissance art and the early 20th century. The European sculptures and decorative arts also serve as a retreat to the eyes of young artists from different corners of the world.

Explore Times Square

Times Square should be another location on your bucket list to explore in New York as it is the most popular intersection in the entire world. Around 50 million tourists flock to this place to see the ball drop to welcome the New Year on New Year’s Eve. Apart from this, the place remains bustling with people throughout the year to witness millions of lights that decorate the neon billboards. You can even watch street performers putting their best foot forward to impress the visitors.

Visit Greenwich Village

Among the best things to do in New York, visiting Greenwich Village should be your priority to observe the counterculture movements of 1960 and the modern LGBT movement. Although the bohemian days are left behind, you can still find a touch of it in the atmosphere of the surroundings. In Greenwich Village, you can explore Washington Square Park, take a walk along Bleecker Street, or go shopping for vintage clothing at Bleecker Street Plaza. It will be interesting to spot the Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City and Friends apartment.

Stroll around Hudson Yards

Visiting Hudson Yards will give you an overview of the newest ultra-modern neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. Formerly, this place was a complex of train tracks and a storage yard, which was later transformed into a state-of-the-art environment. The highlights of Hudson Yards are a shopping mall, glass-plated skyscrapers, restaurants, a performing arts theater, the Edge, and the Vessel. If you want to savor the taste of delicious cuisines, this modern area in New York City features Mercado Little Spain, which offers a wonderful spot for tapas and a glass of wine.

Take in the View from the Edge

If you are a fan of gorgeous views, The Edge is your next location on the list of top activities to participate in New York. Standing at a height of about 100 floors from the city’s streets, this attraction provides gorgeous and stunning views over Manhattan in New York City. The thrilling part of this attraction is the glass floor from where you can gaze at the views of the city streets several miles away. Enjoying the indoor and outdoor observation decks from the top of The Edge is indeed a remarkable experience to cherish down your memory lane.

FAQ's of New York City

What should I do on my first trip to New York?

There are plenty of things to do in New York, but if you are a first-time visitor, navigating the endless possibilities of the city can sometimes be overwhelming. So, you can plan a basic itinerary covering all the city's top attractions and activities. You can witness the unique island terrain and the stunning skyscraping architecture of the city from the Empire Estate Building and enjoy a Broadway Show in Manhattan. From visiting museums to enjoying adrenaline-rushing rides, you can include all the things that can make your first trip to New York memorable.

How can I spend 2 days in NYC?

If you are visiting New York City for two days, you can divide your itinerary into lower Manhattan and Midtown Manhattan. On Day 1, you can spend time in lower Manhattan, like viewing the Statue of Liberty, taking a picture with the charging bull, and taking a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. The next day can be spent in Midtown Manhattan, where you can visit Times Square, Empire Estate Building, Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

What are things you can only do in New York?

Although there are numerous things to do in New York City, some activities you cannot do anywhere else but in New York. You can catch a glimpse of the aerial views of Manhattan through a helicopter ride and experience the fun and challenging The Escape Game. Visitors can also attend an amateur night at the Apollo in Harlem or go on a walking and food tour across the city.

Is 3 days in NYC enough?

Since New York City is massive in size, three days is not enough to explore the place entirely. Three days will just pass by watching the highlights of the top attractions. In the three days of your New York City tour, you will have ample time to enjoy the various activities to do in New York.

How is the overall climate in NYC?

The overall climate of New York City is of a humid subtropical variety, with warm, humid, and wet summers and very cold, windy, and snowy winters. Moreover, the place remains partly cloudy all year long. If you are wondering what to do in New York in these climatic conditions, you can indulge in different seasonal activities that the tourist destination offers.

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