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About Legoland New York

What if there was a perfect world for kids to explore!?! The apt answer to this question lies at the heart of the Legoland venture. Legoland is a place that is entirely focused on attracting kids and children. The most fascinating feature of Legoland is the mode of presentation. Each statue, building, attractive figures, etc, is made up of 30 million Lego bricks (toy-level building blocks). Several powerful rides for amusement make it a stopping point for families with kids under the age group of 12 or so. You have the option of staying in a LEGO-themed room and visiting Legoland New York. Tickets with guaranteed admission will get you a free full hot breakfast buffet daily; nightly shows; dance parties; play areas; and more!

Best Deals for Legoland New York tickets

Legoland New York tickets must be purchased in advance through online. It's like a ritual to follow before we get to the magical land. The ticket rates vary in accordance with the way you are going to explore Legoland. New York Legoland tickets are valid only for one day. Annual memberships and combo plans are available to make the most of your price. Legoland New York tickets are customised in accordance with the plan you choose and the offers change for each separate plan. For one day of exploring the theme park, Legoland New York ticket prices are charged at around $67.99 only. The combo offer for families and annual passes is the second category of New York Legoland tickets. Dated ticket holders do not need a reservation. All Annual Passholders are required to reserve their visit in advance. Legoland New York ticket prices vary by day. In addition to this, extra offers are available where you can additionally add your needs to the plan you choose. Booking can be done very easily through Legoland New York's official website under the category of tickets and annual passes.

Why should you Book Legoland New York Tickets from us?

-Book Your Tickets in Advance. This is the primary thing to do before you get to the place to enjoy. With Legoland New York being a popular attraction, tickets are bound to get sold out fast. Be smart to avoid the inconvenience of missing an opportunity to explore the amusement due to booked tickets by booking your slot in advance by purchasing your Legoland New York tickets online.

-Convenience/ Ease. The best part of booking your New York Legoland tickets online is that you get to book your tickets while sitting in the comfort of your home and at your own convenience, which implies that you do not have to waste time by standing for long hours at the ticketing queue and wasting your half day there.

-Best Deals and Discounts. Booking your Legoland New York tickets online is the smartest and best way to enjoy the best deals and discounts available on attraction tickets, making your experience all the more enjoyable. Family packages and annual passes are present with attractive offers them. Legoland discount tickets to New York are also present. Other than the usual VIP experience tickets, Brick-or-treat tickets, and extras are available.

Legoland New York Tickets Combos

Legoland New York + Central Park Zoo

Book once and enhance your experience with this convenient combination of must-sees at $91.40 only. This is a Legoland discount ticket to New York. Visitors save an average of €29.00 if they book as soon as possible. A total experience of Central Park Zoo plus three exciting other combo offers are available with this package. The thing to be noted is that the additional package charges a normal ticket rate of $19.95, but it turns out to be free of cost through this combo.

Legoland New York + American Museum of Natural History

The total cost of the ticket is around $104.60, while with a 10% discount on Legoland New York tickets, you get your ticket for $94.14 only. If you are thinking that you need to take this offer,in return you get an aid to save money with hand-picked combinations. The things you get for a normal ticket rate of $23 are included as free by moving forward with this combo offer.

Legoland New York + New York Aquarium

The New York Legoland tickets in this combo offer are available for $97.70 at a 10% discount. This is a limited offer and you need to capture your seats by booking Legoland New York tickets online at your ease. Visitors can save an average of €33.00 with this offer. This combo with other exciting offers includes a complete exploration of the New York Aquarium for a savage of $26.95.

Legoland New York + Intrepid

Book once and enhance your experience with this convenient combination of must-sees at $100.17 only with a Legoland discount ticket to New York experience. A visitor can save up to $31 on this combo offer. Attractive extras are available, though you may have to charge an additional charge if not done this way. This combo offer allows you to save on a normal ticket value of $29.

Legoland New York + Bronx Zoo

At just the Legoland New York ticket price of $111.20, you can experience the whole Bronx zoo with exciting extra offers. Unlimited access to the Zoo Shuttle, Butterfly Garden, Children's Zoo, Wild Asia Monorail, and other rides and attractions (subject to seasonality). Animal feedings and encounters are also there to experience. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm. Don't worry about purchasing tickets online; smartphone tickets are available as well. Things to be noted include the availability of strollers available for a fee. No pets are allowed except guide dogs. The last admission is 1 hour before closing.

Things to Do at Legoland New York

Build Your own Adventure

Legoland is all about Legos. Where everything and anything is built using Lego bricks. It could be a small toy or a large statue. It is so simple and equivalent to imagination. The area is mainly focused on kids' entertainment. Their ideas and imaginations are put forward as figures using bricks and blocks. It's so safe to play with it since the manufacturer is done kids friendly. So be nice to them and let them go and explore their own world.

Enjoy Rides and Popular attractions of Legoland New York

With the Legoland New York tickets, you get the maximum opportunity to explore and enjoy different kinds of rides and popular attractions. The adventures such as Anchors Away, Brick Party, Build and Test, Builders Guide, Coast Guard Academy, DJ's Dizzy Disco Spin, Driving School, Duplo Express, Fire Academy, and exciting other ones are awaiting your way to explore. Ride, climb, splash, and build your way through seven themed lands at the ultimate Lego theme park destination. Kids must be escorted by an adult, and there are certain requirements for each ride. There are some restrictions for personalities having health issues, pregnancy, and other related things in order to protect them from any kind of danger the ride can cause, which will harm them again.

Checkout some amazing shows at Legoland New York

It's not only the attractive adventures that exist on the magical land. Amusement for kids in the form of live shows is also present to enhance the charm effect. Visitors can get there and be a part of the show to make it more beautiful than it already is. Lego City 4D: officer in Pursuit,Lego Mythica City 4D: Journey to Mythica,Lego City Ninjago: Master of the Fourth Dimension,Bop at the Top, are some of the examples of 4D shows presented down there. The 4D experience presents each person who is watching the opportunity to experience the effects and treats presented by the show and to picture themselves being a part of the show.

Have fun at various Theme Park

There are a total of seven different theme parks on Legoland island. Each is filled with exciting adventures and explorations. It also provides opportunities such as rides and attractions, Brick-or-Treat Presents Monster Party, shows, dining, shopping, etc. to make your day more awesome. The Monster Party kicks off on Saturdays and Sundays from September 24th to October 30th. After gathering your New York Legoland tickets, all you need to worry about is getting on the land on time. The time schedule is from 10–5, and anyone can approach in between this time. At your convenience, you could enjoy each ride and explore each event. The parking map will allow you to safely park your car and the dining section allows you to make your stomach fill all the way.

Enjoy at Brick-or-Treat Presents Monster Party

Choose weekends for Legoland adventures this time. The Brick and Treat Party present you with a new Halloween experience. The party begins when monsters take over Legoland and host the year's biggest Halloween party, complete with live entertainment and shows, limited-time attractions, character meet and greet, and trick-or-treating. Best of all, admission is included with day tickets, hotel packages, and selected annual passes. There you have the chance to grab loads of sweets and treats at trick-or-treating stations, located along dedicated paths. The thing to keep in mind is to choose the best outfit for the day for you and your children. Parking admission is valid for the full day. Trick-or-treating begins at 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays during the event.

Visit Other Seasonal Events

After the exploration of the Halloween Brick and Treat Party, the Holiday Bricktacular is a highlight of New York Legoland events. Experience unforgettable seasonal shows, holiday characters, special treats, Lego activities, twinkling lights, and more during the holidays at Legoland! It is open every day from November 25 to December 31. The event will be included in the price of daily tickets and certain annual passes. It's situated at theme parks. The features of the program are the Tree Lighting Ceremony, CCarolers, and LEGO Drumz Drumming Experience Holiday meet-and-greets, dance parties, Mrs. Clause sing-alongs, holiday-themed food and beverages, and much more

Know Before You Go Legoland New York

Opening hours and Best Time
How to Reach and Location
Dining & Shopping

- The land of Lego's working time is from 10–5.

- Visitors with tickets can come one hour before closing time and can enjoy it to the maximum.

- The best time to visit changes in accordance with your plans because some adventures,shows, rides, and attractions seem to function at certain periods only. So arriving early and on the right dates could make your exploration the most successful.

From the North and South:

Take I-87 (New York State Thruway) to Exit 16 (Route 17 - Harriman). Follow signs to Route 17 West. Get off Route 17 at exit 125 (Harriman Drive/South Street). Make a left off the exit, then follow signs to Harriman Drive. Take the second left (at the traffic light) onto Legoland Way. Follow signs to Parking.

From the East and West:

Take I-84 to exit 19A (Route 17 East). Get off Route 17 at Exit 125 (Harriman Drive/South Street). Go around the traffic circle to Harriman Drive. Take the second left (at the traffic light) onto Legoland Way. Follow signs to Parking.

1. Dining:

Brick Street cafe

Location: Theme Park, Brick Street

Includes snacks and treats.

Brickbeards food market

      Location: Theme Park, Lego Pirates

      Functions as a restaurant.

Even if you have a food allergy, the dining team is prepared to serve you the appropriate food for you. So there's no need to be concerned about the food.

2. Shopping:

There are several options to purchase exciting things from the Legoland-brick land.

They are

1)Bricktopia Bazar

2)Master Wu's Warehouse.


While our Model Citizens are happy to assist with access to special ride compartments, they are not permitted to lift guests into or out of a ride vehicle. Therefore, all park guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicles with assistance from a member of their party.

Resort Accessibility & ADA Information

Legoland New York Resort shops, restaurants, show venues, and the majority of our rides and attractions are ADA accessible to guests who use wheelchairs or are in need of special services.

Contact Guest Services

Upon arrival, if you need accommodations or have any questions, please visit our Guest Services office at the entrance to the park. We offer various accommodations, including our Assisted Access Pass and ECVs, that are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.


1. Make a plan

Primarily, book your tickets online and secure them on your smartphone.

Select the day that is most convenient for you since it's the day for your enjoyment.

The same applies for annual pass holders.


2. Reservations Required

All guests and VIP's much book your reservation early .This includes: 

• Annual Pass Holders  

• Open dated ticket holders

Dated ticket holders do not need a reservation

3. Parking

Buy for an easy exit.

Save time by buying parking in advance.

At the Exit Toll, simply scan the pass from your phone or print out the barcode in advance, and you're on your way!

The Parking fee is not included in general admission tickets and all Guest vehicles must have a paid Parking Pass.

FAQ's of Legoland New York

How much does it cost to go to Legoland New York tickets?

Visiting Legoland can be quite expensive. The Legoland New York ticket price is €81.61 per head. For children, the New York Legoland ticket fare is pretty low. But similar to Disneyland, Legoland can also be seen as one of the most fascinating places for children. It is a must to visit Legoland while traveling through Europe.

How to book Legoland tickets online?

Tickets for Legoland New York are easy to get. To get New York Legoland tickets first, go to the official site of Legoland. There will be several columns, each conveying different things. Under the subheading tickets, there will be a link to book tickets online. The New York Legoland ticket prices will be shown. Add the credentials as per the asked question and complete the form. Enter the mode of payment and that's how you get your New York Legoland tickets. Legoland discount tickets to New York are also provided.

Is Legoland New York tickets worth booking?

Legoland can be one of the most creative and attractive places for children. There are a variety of statues, symbols, characters, and play areas made of lego and one would be astonished to see the amount of creativity used to build these. It is a go-to area for both adults and Children and it is worth visiting Legoland. Hence Legoland New York ticket prices are worth enough. 

What is the best time to visit Legoland?

Some of the best days to visit Legoland in a week are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tickets for Legoland New York are also widely available. It is also fun to visit Legoland during celebrations. Legoland is particularly busy during March and early April during vacations. However, visiting during May, September, and early December is also well suggested. 

Which are the best rides to enjoy at Legoland New York?

All rides in Legoland have their popularity. But some of the best rides can be Pirate Reef Riders which is a ride in the water. Knights tournament, Technic coaster, Fun town police, and Fire academy, Driving School, Splash Battle, Aquazone Wave Racers, Coastersaurus, Dragon Coaster, Ninjago the ride, and Lost kIngdom Adventure rides are also visitors' favorites.

What are some other Legoland Discovery Centre that we can visit?

These are some famous Legoland Discovery Centres that you can visit:

Legoland New York

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